Routines & Skills

Yurchenko layout

Working on: Yurchenko full

Uneven Bars
Kip; pike-on; KCH; clear hip; blind change; Bail; kip + pike-on; KCH; 2 giants; into a double back dismount

Working on: Blind pike Jaeger, 2 Giants full-out dismount, Toe handstand and Bail to handstand

Balance Beam
Full turn; back handspring Layout step out; Switch leap backtuck; Round off layout full

Working on: Triple series, side aerial dismount; Round off 1 1/2 dismount; Switch leap popa

Floor Exercise
Round off back handspring; Double pike; Front handspring; Front layout; Front pike; single stag jump; Switch side into a popa; 1 1/2 turn; Full and a half twist;

Working on: 1 1/2 Front pike; Front full; Front layout Front layout; Double turn; Tour jete full